Deer-Vehicle Crash Information Clearinghouse

Welcome to the online home of the Deer-Vehicle Crash Information Clearinghouse (DVCIC) at the Iowa State University Institute for Transportation. The DVCIC, established at the University of Wisconsin in 2001, was integrated with the Deer-Vehicle Crash Information and Research Center (DVCIR Center) in 2005. The DVCIR Center was a pooled fund effort.

The DVCIR Center was created to continue and expand the data collection, research evaluation, and information exchange tasks completed by the DVCIC. It was also created to fund updates to this website, annual committee meetings, and deer-vehicle crash reduction research.

DVCIR Center advisory members have included the Departments of Transportation from Connecticut, Iowa, Maryland, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New York, Ohio, Texas and Wisconsin. The lead agency is the Federal Highway Administration Office of Project Development and Environmental Review.

More information about the original DVCIR Center pooled fund project can be found in the Pooled Fund section of this website.

This website was established to be a focal-point resource for practitioners trying to find better information and methods connected to the problem of deer-vehicle crashes.


Recent Website and Data Updates

The website is undergoing numerous updates and changes. Appearance of the website has been updated for a more user-friendly experience. Data is being updated to be as accurate and up-to-date as possible. Three research projects were recently finished. Please refer to Research to learn more.

Recent Project Reports being Considered for Toolbox Updates

It has been approximately five years since the Deer-Vehicle Crash Countermeasure Toolbox (the Toolbox) was published. Some relatively significant DVC-related and DVC countermeasure research reports, guides, and tools have been completed since that time. A list of 12 documents, along with their web links, has been added under the “Toolbox” header above. These publications are being reviewed and summarized with respect to their potential to impact the categorical countermeasure conclusions within the Toolbox and/or further assist with DVC countermeasure implementation decisions. The summaries will be posted when available.

September 2009 DVCIR Center Committee Meeting Held

The DVCIR Center pooled fund technical advisory committee met the evening of September 15, 2009 at the International Conference on Ecology and Transportation (September 13 to 17). The conference (see was held at the Duluth Entertainment Convention Center. The technical advisory committee meeting agenda will included an update of the activities completed by the DVCIR Center since our last meeting, a discussion of the research projects the project will be funding, brief summaries of several documents related to deer-vehicle crash reduction that have been released during the last few years, and a discussion of any related events and activities that may be occurring within each member state. The meeting concluded with a discussion about the future of the pooled fund project. Three research projects are now being funded by the DVCIR Center pooled fund.

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